The only plaice
for fish

As the leader in fish-focused street food,
Père&Fish is aiming to become the benchmark

in the fast-food industry… 
And to do that, we’re launching a franchise! 

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An international group operating in France, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, Greenbull is a conglomerate of entrepreneurs aspiring to become market leaders!

Greenbull undertakes and develops its activities in several industries: Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Training, Education, Media, Nutrition and Restaurants.

18 Brands and companies
950 Shareholders
+65K Clients
€60m Invested with
€110m Invested in luxury property in Dubai
42m views on YouTube

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We design and deliver innovative solutions so people can better understand and maximise the opportunities available to them.
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Our talents

At Greenbull Group, our people are our most valuable asset. “Together, we achieve more” - the philosophy that makes us successful!
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Join a professional adventure full of purpose, where cohesion and entrepreneurial freedom are the driving forces behind our success.

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