brands that make up Greenbull.
We are driven by global economic issues and the financial challenges affecting our community. As the gap in economic inequality widens over time, our mission is to educate and empower our customers to take control of their personal finances.
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Our engine.

The unwavering commitment
of our founders...

Diverse and complementary individuals united around a common goal and philosophy: “together, we achieve more!”

Our force.


Each project is executed by a dedicated task force. We plan and assess the highest priority projects, organise the appropriate resources, and overcome each challenge as they come. Over-delivering is the secret to our success and our high standards mean we remain competitive.
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Our values.

Freedom and responsibility.

We encourage any entrepreneurial initiative that brings value to the company and it’s shareholders.
We are also convinced that behind every satisfied customer is a satisfied employee. Understanding what our customers and our employees need is one of the reasons we are successful.
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Our strategy.

Connect innovation and create value!

We use technological tools to offer concrete solutions that improve the purchasing power of individuals and businesses.

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Join a professional adventure full of purpose, where cohesion and entrepreneurial freedom are the driving forces behind our success.