We hire people
and create talent

We hire people
and create talent

nationalities can be found within Greenbull
Our goal for all our Greenbullians: to provide them with an environment that is ideal for their personal development and a place where they can reach their full potential.
We know anything is possible if we work together. So, are you ready to innovate with us?
Find the right job for you

for the ambitious.

Work with passion

We always excel in what we love.
Because exciting work is what we want to spend our time doing, we always consider the aspirations of our Greenbullians and support them in what they want to do.

We encourage their development because this ensures the best results.
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Develop yourself personally
Joining Greenbull means choosing an environment where a wide variety of professionals come together in pursuit of a single objective: to successfully complete projects together.

Every day we work hard to ensure our teams adopt a fighting spirit, have trust in one another and challenge each other positively!
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Push your limits

We want our Greenbullians to think differently and fully realise their potential.
We want them to be active in their own careers and take ownership of company projects as if they were their own.

That is why we encourage boldness and risk-taking while leaving room for creativity.
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Agility, at the
heart of all our projects.

We think collectively and listen to each other!

Meaningful projects, overcoming challenges, group brainstorming, skill sharing, developing business expertise and promoting joint success... Our horizontal approach has always been a catalyst for the team players amongst our employees. At all stages of a project, it is a driving force for cohesion and engagement.

Creating synergies across teams

Streamlining information flow, accelerated decision-making, proactiveness and anticipation of potential hurdles. When it comes to coordinating and implementing our projects, cross-functional management has enabled our teams to achieve the impossible!

Rallying together to serve a common goal

Trust, positive influencing, inspiration, coaching, active listening… Thanks to the cross-functional nature of our business, all Greenbullians are encouraged to develop their leadership skills and sense of empowerment, key skills for most professions today!

Increasing the value we create with collective intelligence

Prioritising customer and employee satisfaction, accepting evidenced change, reducing the time it takes to implement operational decisions… The positive effects of this type of collaborative management are numerous whether the results are qualitative or quantitative.

Join the team

In line with the times!


Responsive managers, discussion groups, leadership forums, coaching sessions… everything is geared to surpassing oneself.


Team building, fully covered health insurance, an osteopath service… we go the extra mile!


Remote working, flexible hours, open-plan offices… Our working environment positively impacts our teams’ wellbeing.


Each year our employees are credited with €1,500 of Greenbull vouchers to be used towards the purchase of any of our products.

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